Our Tutoring Services: The Benefits of Tutoring for PK-12 Students

29, Nov 2021 8:38 AM

As we go back to school, students and teachers are reckoning with learning losses. While the return to in-person learning is naturally an adjustment, there is something that can help students bridge the gap between their school years.

Private tutoring has many benefits. When strongly correlated with the curriculum, private tutors can help students build confidence and progress at their own pace in the new educational normal.

Learn about the benefits of tutoring, plus Teachers on Demand’s new, private, 1:1 or small-group tutoring services below!


How does good tutoring work?

Tutoring can occur for the purposes of reteaching, intervention, or enrichment. Private tutors provide encouragement and reinforcement to students in one or more subjects that are causing them to struggle in school.

Good tutoring matches passionate, qualified tutors with students who need support to ensure they fulfill their educational potential. 1:1 and small-group tutoring sessions can give students more individualized attention that they can’t get in classes of 30+ students.

But tutoring must also be frequent enough to make an impact. Though it may take a few sessions to find the right rhythm, students learn better and faster when they see their tutor frequently. Because long sessions may cause students to lose focus, the frequency of tutoring sessions matters more than length.

Good private tutoring also requires strong coordination. When tutors are educators themselves and/or have access to the curriculum, they can identify gaps in student learning and customize their approach.

While it’s not a tutor’s job to replace your students’ teachers, private tutor-educators are experts in addressing the specific places students get lost. They can then find the best way to engage tutees’ attention and help them retain the information.


How does tutoring help students?

Tutoring ensures students receive individualized help.
Beyond not understanding or being able to focus in school, it’s tough for struggling students to feel left behind in their classes. Private tutoring bridges that gap - students feel seen for their specific needs and learn the specific methods and strategies that work for them.

Tutoring encourages students to maintain good study habits.
Tutoring provides a link between class time, homework, and real-life application of the material. It encourages students to prepare, review, and process class material between classes.

Tutoring improves self-confidence.
Struggling in school hurts student self-esteem and contributes to a growing mental health crisis. Tutors put students in the driver’s seat of their own learning, which can help them develop independent thinking skills, motivate them to learn smarter, and make consistent progress.

Tutoring helps students succeed and grow.
As students fill in learning gaps, they have a better chance at independently completing homework, participating in classes, doing well on exams, and more.

Tutoring supports the entire learning process.
When students get the help they need, they perform better in school. Having the support of a tutor-educator can help students catch up and keep up so they learn better during class time.


What subjects are most commonly tutored?

While the core subjects, including math, sciences, and languages, stay consistent through K-12 education, the specific subject focus and level will vary by age and grade level.

Private tutors commonly support students in the following subject areas:

  • Reading and writing skills
  • English language, literature, and grammar
  • Languages, especially Spanish and French
  • Mathematics, including:
    • basic counting,
    • algebra,
    • geometry,
    • pre-calculus,
    • calculus
  • Physical sciences, especially chemistry
  • SAT prep: Reading, Writing & Language, and Math

Tips for tutoring success

What students should expect:

  • Tutoring is a collaborative effort. To achieve the best possible outcome, students should come prepared to private sessions and be ready to invest in their own learning.
  • Private tutors shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for teachers. Your students’ teachers are their primary source of information, while tutor-educators field questions, support the learning process, and offer reinforcement.
  • A tutor’s job is to help students become self-sufficient thinkers and learners. Tutors will not do homework for students, but support them to find the right answers and cheer for them when they arrive at it independently!
  • The tutoring session is only half the journey. Students should review the material covered in the session afterward for the best outcomes.

What administrators and parents should expect:

  • High-quality tutors command a corresponding fee. While high-quality tutors may require upfront investment, private tutoring pays dividends for student education for years to come. Your students deserve the best to close learning gaps, regain confidence, and reach their goals.
  • Tutors and students should have compatible availability. More frequent - not longer - tutoring sessions are the key to tutoring success.
  • Tutors know students are relying on them. The best tutors respect everyone’s time, starting and ending tutoring sessions on time, every time.
  • Tutors collaborate with students and never do work for them. Students’ support systems should not put this pressure on tutors and instead encourage students to apply their knowledge to the best of their ability.

Tutoring services for your students

The goal of private tutoring is to help students succeed. But the best tutors are those who are also everyday educators. Tutor-educators are naturally familiar with the subject matter and can work closely with the curriculum to make sure students make the biggest long-term gains.

...And you’re in luck, because this describes all our tutors!

Introducing: Flexible tutoring services by fully-certified tutor-educators!

Teachers On Demand now offers online and in-person tutoring for PK-12 students in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • Economics & More

Tutoring can take place before, during, or after school on all days of the week, including weekends. We offer 1:1 and small-group tutoring options.

Our tutors are strongly aligned for student success. They consistently hone their craft based on subject matter advancement, the latest teaching methods, and industry developments.

To learn more, call 1-888-702-7339 or write us.


Chloe’ Skye Weiser
Chloe’ Skye Weiser

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