How Teacher Recruitment Works at Teachers On Demand

18, Jun 2021 6:20 PM

Teachers On Demand is the #1 choice in Direct Hire & Permanent Placement Services for 200+ K-12 Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Public Schools around the U.S. and Canada—and there are a number of great reasons why.


Fast facts:

  • We make your life easier! You can expect a typical timeframe of 15-30 days to fill vacancies for instructional positions, or up to 6 months for non-instructional positions. 
  • Our dedicated educational recruiters have over 30 years of combined experience in HR management/recruitment, K-12 administration, and classroom-based teaching.
  • You’ll benefit from our internal database of over 50,000 certified educational professionals looking for a rewarding career.


Schools that partner with us benefit from our years of hands-on HR experience, strong understanding of regional requirements for educational staff, and the importance we place on creating strong teacher and school communities.


How Recruitment Works at Teachers On Demand


At Teachers On Demand, our job isn’t just to help you fill vacancies; it’s also to help you retain happy, certified staff. We distinguish ourselves from other educational staffing agencies by establishing partnerships between every new teacher and your school to make sure it’s a great fit. All services are based on mutual respect for and understanding of the needs of the school, parents, and students. Read more about our values.


Our recruiters are former HR professionals, school administrators, and teachers with over 30 years of combined experience in HR management/recruitment, K-12 administration, and classroom-based teaching. They’ll be in touch with you daily to offer full-cycle recruitment for each position from the initial job placement to the contract signing. If you have more than 5 instructional positions to fill at a time, you’ll get a designated team of recruiters to make staffing your open roles efficient and stress-free.


Let’s talk more about our schools’ two favorite methods—our easy Job Board Listings as well as the more comprehensive Direct Hire Services/Permanent Placementto successfully recruit the top educators and non-instructional staff for your vacancy, every time.


Post Your Vacancy on the Teachers On Demand Job Board


Thousands of driven educational staff in the Teachers On Demand exclusive talent database access our job board each month to search for their next fulfilling role. This database includes over 50,000 certified educational professionals, most of whom are looking for permanent placement.


We verify every candidate’s certification and references before we consider them for your open positions.


Our partners use our job board for vacancies including:

  • Certified Educators
  • School Leaders (administrators)
  • School HR, IT, and Operations professionals
  • School Psychologists and Counselors
  • School Support Staff + Student Support Staff


Posting on our job board is an easy, 5-minute process. First, register using this form. Once you’re approved, the talent will come to you!



Engage Us for Direct Hire Services/Permanent Placement


Our Direct Hire Services are the most efficient, tailored way to fill your vacancies. This service is billed on a 30-day cycle based on the number of positions you have open each month.


Recruitment Fee:

  • $600.00 per month for 1 position
  • $1500.00 per month for 3 positions
  • $4800.00 per month for 9 positions


Let’s illustrate this with an example. If your school needs recruitment for 3 positions, the first 30-day fee will be $1500.00. But if 2 positions are filled within 30 days of the starting month, your recruitment fee for the following 30-day cycle will be just $600.00 for the remaining open position.


You may be wondering how long it takes to fill open positions—and rest assured, you’re in good hands. Our extensive recruiting experience means we typically find the best candidate for your instructional positions within 15-30 days of the first day of recruitment. Non-instructional positions can take up to 6 months depending on the uniqueness of the position and the level of skill and competence required.


When you contract with us, you’ll first sign a Direct Hire/Permanent Placement Service Agreement. Successful placements result in a fee of 15-25% depending on the type of position (instructional/non-instructional) and experience level of the hire.


Sometimes, life happens and your new hire isn’t the right fit. If your new recruit resigns or terminates their position within the first 90 days of the start date, we will send 3 to 5 replacement candidates for that position free of charge within 30 days.


How to get started:


Ready to start recruiting the best certified educational staff for your school? Join 200+ of our happy partners around the U.S. and Canada!




We look forward to partnering with your school!