Behind the Scenes at TOD: Interview with Chief of Operations Thomas Law

03, Jan 2022 10:40 PM

Hi Thomas, thanks for joining us today! Can you describe yourself in 3 words for me?

I’d say I’m intelligent, strategic, and considerate.

Those are awesome descriptors. Let’s talk a little about the history of Teachers On Demand, INC. (TOD). When was it founded?

Teachers On Demand, INC., was founded by Rosalind Logan, a young visionary from North Carolina, in 2015. Rosalind believed she could make a difference in the education field by providing qualified and certified teachers to schools across the country. Now, 7 years later, that dream is real and thriving!

What motivates you, Thomas?

My motivation is driven by what I consider success, which is when my partner schools’ leadership, teachers, and administrators can sleep soundly knowing we got their backs.


What is a typical day like at TOD?

My typical day at Teachers On Demand requires expecting the unexpected. There is always something new, whether a new request for proposal (RFP) we have won, a new partner school, a new hire, a new job, or a new internal position. That last one really excites me because new internal positions, to me, symbolizes and stimulates growth.    


What’s the most fulfilling thing you’ve accomplished with TOD?

I consider my biggest accomplishment yet to be realized. However, I feel accomplished after every day of work here at Teachers On Demand. Really, it’s all the small wins that support my accomplishments. 


What are the biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is time management: the never-ending struggle between our work and life balance. I struggle with that because of my love for the joy this brings to my life. It is a big gift in a small box. 


That’s beautiful! What’s most rewarding about this work?

The most rewarding thing for me are the interactions I have with candidates and new employees. It’s rewarding to know I am changing people’s lives and providing them with viable opportunities. Also, I appreciate the compassion and dedication potential employees share with me daily.


Last question. What are you looking forward to in 2022?

This year will be Teachers On Demand, INC’s 7th year in business. I am looking to build up our HR team’s strategic direction, with the goal of building this company to a bonafide enterprise. In addition, I am looking to support the Recruitment team and set them up for success in reaching their financial and professional goals.  

Thanks for the chat, Thomas! To follow TOD and learn more about how we support 200+ partner schools across the U.S. and Canada, follow us on Linkedin and Facebook (where we post lots of great resources for teachers).