Staffing & Recruitment: Why Your School Deserves RARE Educators

28, Feb 2024 3:12 AM

As a full-cycle educational recruitment & staffing firm, we care about your ability to provide the highest caliber of education in your school. While a lot of generalist staffing firms cast a wide net, our only focus is to recruit educators.

So whether we’re helping our 200+ school partners with direct hire, temp-to-permanent, or substitute educator roles, we’re not just trying to fill a position. We’re working to find a strong fit for your school culture.

In other words, we’re looking for a RARE educator — our philosophy for the high-quality candidates we pass on to you.

Quick note!

In 2024, you’ll see a few changes on our blog. We’re focusing more on what you want to see: a new lens for admin about educator recruitment, including how to make filling your teacher vacancies a stress-free experience.

What is a RARE Educator?

A RARE Educator is a coin termed by our very own Chief of Operations Thomas Law (read our behind-the-scenes interview with him). Our staff is made up of educators, and that includes Thomas — which is why we feel confident saying we know education inside and out!

In this case, RARE stands for:

  • Responsible

  • Accountable

  • Reliable

  • Exceptional

Let’s investigate each of these in a little more depth, so you know what kind of candidates you can expect to see when you partner with us.

P.S. Did you know? When you contract with us for direct hire, most instructional positions are filled within 30 days.

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Responsible Educators

Responsible educators have their ducks in a row. These teachers understand the gravity and importance of their job in the classroom, and are prepared to take the challenge head-on.

On a basic level, these candidates are qualified with all the required degrees, certificates, and other schooling. They’re also curious and motivated to keep improving their craft.

Moreover, responsible educators take their responsibilities seriously. They come to school on time, prepared and ready to execute their lesson plans, attend all staff meetings, and complete any required grading and paperwork as needed.

Accountable Educators

People who are accountable have a strong understanding of their environment and obligations within it.

Accountable educators take responsibility for:

  • Providing a safe, high-caliber learning environment

  • Their relationships with students, their parents, and fellow staff

  • The quality of their lesson plans

  • Preparing students for all assessments

  • Fair grading standards

  • Supporting healthy student behavior in their classrooms

When this kind of educator makes a wrong call, you can count on them to apologize and try to rectify it.

Reliable Educators

To put it simply, reliable educators show up. They don’t “ghost” — they come to school when needed and are ready to support students who ask for help, giving students a role model and a reason to do their best.

An underrated part of being a reliable educator is taking care of oneself, too. While all educators are bound to get sick occasionally, reliable educators let you know as soon as they become aware they’ll have to take off, and are responsive to the coworkers who will be filling in for them.

In other words, reliable educators stick to their commitments!

Exceptional Educators

In some ways, exceptional educators are the sum of Responsible, Accountable, and Reliable educators. They also go beyond that to a new level.

Exceptional educators inspire the people they come into contact with — and that starts with the hiring committee!

Once hired, exceptional educators make a positive impression on students, their parents, and fellow staff. They are motivated to do their best, which encourages students to achieve their best possible learning outcomes, too.

But exceptional educators also have a hidden superpower: a supportive community that backs them up.

What sets Teachers On Demand apart is that we don’t just help you with staffing — we stay in continuous contact with the educators, helping them create and keep good relationships with you, so that everyone can reach their full potential.

This means that when we recruit candidates for your school, we always ask how students will succeed in their relationship with a given educator, if hired.

Our answer? Find, support, and fill the role with a RARE Educator.

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Ready to take the next step?

As a full-service education staffing agency made up of passionate educators ourselves, we’ve mastered the art of hiring. Our 200+ school partners leave the recruiting to us so they can give their time and energy where it matters most: their students.

Reach out today to start filling teacher vacancies more efficiently.

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